The Issues

No one has worked harder than Sheryl Delozier to make our West Shore communities better places to live, work, and raise a family.
    • Committed to a commonsense approach to end inflation by cutting taxes and supporting energy policies to lower gas prices
    • Passed fiscally responsible balanced budgets that did not increase taxes on our hardworking families and seniors on fixed incomes
    • Enacted pro-growth policies that have enabled the private sector to protect and create family-sustaining jobs
    • Secured funding and resources for our first responders and frontline workers
    • Secured record funding for our children’s education without raising taxes and fought to ensure parents always have a voice
    • Authored legislation to prevent the tolling of the South Bridge
    • Authored legislation to eliminate human trafficking in Pennsylvania
    • Prime sponsor and lead advocate for legislation creating the crime victims’ bill of rights under the Pennsylvania Constitution
    • Prime sponsor and lead advocate for legislation creating Pennsylvania’s Clean Slate Law
    • Supported legislation to help our veterans which created the Pennsylvania Family G.I. Bill